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Supporting Children, Youth, and Adults on Their Life's Journey Towards Independence.

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The Art of Humanity

At Fraser, Ltd. we believe as we care for others, we also care for each other. As we foster independence, we offer encouragement, support, connection and motivation to each other as a community as well as to those we serve. In this spirit, "The Art of Humanity Project" was born. This year our focus is COMPASSION - an awareness of the suffering of others and the desire to relieve it. One small gesture we can offer is warmth to those in our community in need as we move into the harshest season of the year. Fraser, Ltd. will be collecting SCARVES at the Festival of Trees to distribute to Homeless Health Service, bus stops, and local shelters. If you would like to contribute a SCARF, please stop by the FARGODOME and add it to The Art of Humanity: Compassion Tree. You may also drop it off at Fraser, Ltd., 2902 South University Drive Fargo.                                          



 At Fraser Ltd, we are in the midst of a permanent supportive housing project that would provide a home for four families. This thank you was written by the young mother of a family who cannot afford housing at this time and had to be turned away from shelters due to the vast increase in families needing a roof over their head. We are currently housing the family in a converted office. The father is working and his wife is unable because, with an infant and two-year-old, they do not have an income to cover daycare expenses.

The permanent supportive housing project would provide a home for four families just like this one as they work to regain their financial footing. We have received beautiful gifts from the Butler Family Foundation and David and Jan McNair Family Foundation to assist in the completion of this project. The McNairs have challenged the community to match their gift of $500,000. Because of the McNairs, your gift of $25 becomes $50, $100 becomes $200, and $500 becomes $1000.

Please help us make sure that everyone has a place to call home by accepting the McNair Challenge.


Fraser Ltd.