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On Tuesday, September 27, Fraser, Ltd.'s Just One Meal is an opportunity to feed your young neighbors in need.  We are asking community members, businesses, churches, and civic organizations to donate the cost of one meal to help feed at-risk youth and young adults experiencing homelessness.  At Fraser, Ltd.'s Stepping Stones Resource Center we saw 1600 16-26 year olds utilize our services.  This fall we will also begin serving health community meals daily for those young people involved in our programs as well as other youth and young adults in need.  We project serving up to 250 individuals daily.  Donate one meal and make a meaningful difference in young lives.

$17.50   Provide a youth one nourishing meal daily for a week

$35.00   Feed an individual 2 healthy meals for one week

$70.00   One week of nutritious meals daily for a family of four

$100.00  Provide 40 balanced meals for youth and young adults

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