Children's Services

The Fraser, Ltd. Child Care Center is open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

  • New Years Day
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day (The center will close at 1 pm on Christmas Eve)

If your question is about your weekly rate, when your rate changes, or an annual leave day you should contact Patty Kalibabky. If your question concerns a payment or balance inquiry you should contact Val Gable. Both can be reached by calling 232-3301 or by e-mail at or

If your child attends full time for 12 months of the year they have five days to use each year. Children beginning full-time after January will have their days pro-rated based on the number of months they will receive full time care. Children in the school-age room do not have annual leave days to use during the school year. If they attend full time for all three summer months they have one annual leave day to use. Annual leave days must be used by the end of the year and will be renewed in January. Days do not carry over to a new year nor can they be transferred to other children within the same family.

If you would like to change your child’s schedule from full time to part time a written two week notice is required. If you would like to switch from part time to full time you must contact the Director of Children’s Services. If there is an opening in the classroom for your child to become full time this can be done, if the classroom is currently full the Director will be able to tell you when there will be room to change your child’s status to full time.

If you plan to leave the center, the Parent Handbook indicates that a two week written notice be given to the Director of Children’s Services. If a two week notice is not given you will be billed out the full two weeks. 

If you have had a change with any of your personal information you can e-mail the Director of Children’s Services, leave a note with your new information or call with your new information.   The Director will make sure that your new information is shared with the classroom staff as well as our Business Office.

If the center decides to open late or close for the day due to poor weather conditions you can find this information by calling the center at 232-3301 or checking our website. If we decide to close early we will put the announcement on our website and classroom staff will also call all families. If you do not have access to the internet or a phone, you can also watch KVLY or WDAY and listen to WDAY radio.

Anyone that you have listed on your child’s registration forms under “authorized to pick up” can pick up your child as long as they have a photo ID with them. If someone is picking up frequently, such as a grandparent, once staff know this person a photo ID will not be necessary.

Yes, as long as you complete a medication permission form staff will be able to give your child medication. Please remember that medication must be brought to center in the original prescription bottle that show the doctor who prescribed the medication along with the directions for dosing and time to be given. Medications that are brought in another container with no identifying information cannot be given.

Infants will need to bring diapers, pacifier if they use one, an extra change of clothes and a blanket if you want your child to use a specific one. Older children also need a change of clothes and appropriate outdoor clothes that allow them to play outside. This may include boots, snow pants, coat, waterproof mittens, and hat. When children are potty training it is beneficial to have some extra underwear, pants, socks and shoes in the event of an accident.

We provide Carnation Good Start and Parent’s Choice (similar to Enfamil Lipl).

The best place to start when you have a concern about your child’s development is with his or her teacher. They will be able to share information regarding how your child is doing in the classroom and whether or not they share your concerns.   The center uses the Ages and Stages Questionnaire and you can request one of these from your child’s teacher at anytime throughout the year. Once you complete the ASQ it is scored by the Special Needs Coordinator and results are shared with  you. If it is determined that you child is scoring low in any area the Special Needs Coordinator can make a referral to the appropriate agency for a developmental assessment. 

You can bring birthday treats for your child’s birthday but all treats must come from a commercial bakery or pre-packaged from a store. We ask that you keep in mind that many children have peanut allergies and sugar restrictions, therefore low-sugar treats are appreciated. If you would like to bring cupcakes, please consider asking the bakery to make mini-muffin sized cupcakes as this is usually large enough for all kids.

The activity fee helps to cover the cost of wipes and bottles that the center supplies and the cost of special visitors to the center such as the Red River Zoo. For the older children it covers the cost of transportation and field trip expenses. 

The center welcomes and appreciates donations from our families.