Covid Memorial Project

The Covid Memorial Project began in North Dakota. Initially, Carl Young thought to memorialize his mother who had recently passed away from Covid-19 related complications.

COVID-19 - Sunday message 4.19

A Message from Sandra Leyland, CEO

Fraser, Ltd. COVID-19 Update 19-20 - 9 - 03.24.20

COVID-19 Update 03.21.2020

Fraser Heroes...we got them!
I can honestly say I cannot believe we are living thru such a tragic event. This is something we hear our ancestors have lived thru...not us. My anxiety is at an ultimate high right now. As many of you struggle staying home at this time...I would be so happy to do that. Instead, I am going in to lockdown at work starting tomorrow morning. I hope all my family and friends stay home and everyone else, so we can end this pandemic. I have worked with my job for almost 22 years and though it’s super hard to wrap my head around this lockdown I know it’s best for the people we serve. They are my family too, and for some of them we are all they have. As hard as it will be I wouldn’t be able to pull thru this without my three amazing coworkers! Us four have worked together 5 days a week and have done so for about 12 years. We can do this! If anyone wants to order us food...feel free!!!! We always joke that we are gonna move in...well here we go! Hope they don’t get sick of us!!! Lynsey Johnson Ann Zimny Melanie Mock. We got this!!!! Brenda Gustafson

03/18/2020 - Taking Care of Your Behavioral Health - SAMHSA sma14-4894

03/15/2020 - Fraser, Ltd. will continue with normal business hours by adhering to precautions necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check our social media sites routinely for updates.

Administrative Memo 19-20 - 2 - Fraser, Ltd. Update on COVID-19 03.12.20