Day Program for Youth, Ages 12-21

Being a young person in the world today is difficult and many struggle to become independent.  The Skill Enhancement Training (SET) program helps young people learn life skills so they can become successful adults.  SET is a community based program operating in the summer months. Youth and young adults, ages 12-21, are taught important life skills and are given the opportunity to practice these skills during structured social/ recreational activities. Participants are engaged in group therapy sessions to help them cope with their disability/behaviors and achieve their goals. Since 2004, program participants and their family members have seen significant improvements in skills development with over half of the participants achieving their individual and group program goals with an 80% success rate or higher.*

*Fraser, Ltd. program data 2004-2018.

SET runs 10 weeks, June to August

Hours are 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Monday through Friday

Sample S.E.T. Schedule:

Ages 12-14

Ages 15-17

Ages 18-21

Skill Enhancement Training

“I want to come back to SET next year.”
(15 year old participant)

“I like volunteering. I want to volunteer after SET is over.”
(13 year old participant)

“Over the summer I’ve learned to accept people.”
(14 year old participant)