For 125 years,

Fraser has served the Fargo Moorhead community as a champion of children, youth, and adults on their path to independence. Now, we’re preparing for another century of success. In order to continue to improve and expand our innovative and quality programming and services, we have created The Fraser Foundation.

The Foundation will serve as a financial cornerstone of Fraser’s mission; to be proactive leaders for at-risk youth, pioneers in inclusive programming for childcare, and progressive experts in residential and transitional facilities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Funds raised for the Foundation will allow Fraser to be flexible in creating opportunities that help advance our mission. Capital projects that need immediate resources, unique partnerships that may require investments, and niche programming that benefit from quick funding will be championed by the region’s longest serving non-profit.

Resources dedicated to

The Fraser Foundation

will also help our organization to:

  • Increase capacity of those we serve through programs or services
  • Enhance or create new organizational partnerships
  • Increase scope and scale of internal and external training opportunities
  • Aggressively pursue social mechanisms that increase Fraser’s impact on the community
  • Be flexible in addressing community needs that meet our mission

Additionally, The Fraser Foundation gives donors and potential financial partners another avenue for investment to make a greater impact, and lays the groundwork for legacy giving.

The Foundation will serve as a financial bedrock that will allow the spirit of this incredible organization to live on for another 125 years.

Join us, and leave a lasting legacy.